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The Walking Zombie 2

The Walking Zombie 2 APK
Package ID: com.aldagames.zombieshooter
Latest Version: v3.14.0
Latest update: 2024-03-13 11:17:05
Developer: Alda Games
Requirements: Android
Category: Action
Size: 42.00 MB
Rating :4.4

Introducing The Walking Zombie 2, a game that takes the mobile gaming experience to a whole new level. Step into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies and test your survival skills in this immersive first-person shooter. With stunning graphics and a captivating storyline, every decision you make matters, thanks to the innovative karma system. Explore a vast and dangerous landscape, gathering resources and customizing your arsenal of weapons and vehicles. Whether you prefer close combat or long-range attacks, this game has it all. And the best part? You can play offline, anytime, anywhere. So brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure in The Walking Zombie 2.

Features of The Walking Zombie 2:

⭐️ Post-Apocalyptic Setting: Immerse yourself in a world invaded by zombies and navigate through a dangerous landscape.

⭐️ Compelling Storyline: Experience an engaging narrative and make choices that impact the game's unfolding story.

⭐️ Diverse Missions: Take on various missions and encounter a range of foes, from zombies to mutant bosses.

⭐️ Karma System: Every decision you make counts and affects your gameplay and encounters.

⭐️ Exploration and Resource Gathering: Discover a vast world and collect weapons, gear, and resources to enhance your survival journey.

⭐️ Vehicles for Survival: Customize vehicles strategically to navigate and escape zombie hordes.


The Walking Zombie 2 App takes first-person shooting games to new heights with its post-apocalyptic setting, compelling storyline, and diverse missions. The karma system adds depth to the gameplay, making every choice matter. Explore a vast world, collect resources, and customize vehicles for survival. With its offline playability, you can experience uninterrupted adventure anytime. Master strategic combat, personalize your weapons, and stay on guard in a world full of peril. Download now to embark on an exhilarating journey in a chaotic landscape infested with the walking dead!


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  • avatar
    This is a very great game over all, it is very enjoyable but there is one thing that is very annoying and hard to get, gas. You can only get gas via levelling up or getting gas cans which are pretty rare based on my experience, I hope that you add smaller gas cans that give 5 or more liters of gas and are not that rare, but not that easy to get either, thanks.
    2024-03-17 06:11:19
  • avatar
    I'm really not sure it's possible to squeeze in more advertisements than they do. Literally you go to your backpack advertisement. You go to the map advertisement, you talk to somebody advertisement. You do anything advertisement advertisement advertisement advertisement. I'm really not sure that this is a game and not an advertisement hidden inside of a game. The game might actually be to see how many advertisements you can watch before you stop playing The Game ridiculous.
    2024-03-16 23:28:31
  • avatar
    So I bought this game on my playstation 4 and it's good and all but a mission in north town with that guy Jack you have to rescue that guy in a helicopter when I loaded in I was flying on my won and couldn't move if you could fix this I paid 11.50 or something euros for that game on playstation I'm really disappointed but overall I'll still give it a 3 star review.
    2024-03-16 21:43:11
  • avatar
    Pretty cool Zombie game! Tho, can't purchase weapons for $12.99. Hitting the buy button does nothing. Also (PEOPLE!), when an ad pops up, hit home and reopen the game and the ad is gone.
    2024-03-16 21:08:13
  • avatar
    The game is very good! But, my biggest complain is constant ads on every click. I cannot stand for minutes nonstop to suffer by watching these ads over and over. I'd give 4 stars instead. But I am being nice this time, just because the game is good. Still, the ads must be removed entirely. But ehhh, your choice. But remember, "The customer is always right." Unless your policy says "Otherwise". No hard feelings.
    2024-03-16 16:00:28
  • avatar
    This is the best story mode zombie shooting game, I loved the ending plus the story is just awesome, we get choices as well. The game is very well made, 0 bugs or glitches, ads can be handy mostly. I hope for a walking zombie 3 with better graphics and even better story.
    2024-03-16 01:52:49