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Rapers, Please APK
Package ID: com.rpvh.luccisan
Latest Version: v1.0.0
Latest update: 2024-06-11 11:20:43
Requirements: Android
Category: Casual
Size: 210.90 MB
Rating :4.0

In a world of Rapers, Please, Rebecca takes a leap of faith and turns her life around. Tired of her existence at a brothel, she approaches her manager to quit. Determined to escape her current reality, Rebecca pleads for her freedom. Surprisingly, the manager presents her with a unique opportunity - a job as an immigration inspector. This new role promises a handsome salary and a 14-day probationary period, during which she must prove herself. To top it off, Rebecca must also manage to repay her hefty debt of 300G within this short timeframe. Will she succeed in this daunting challenge?

Features of Rapers, Please:

> Compelling Storyline: Follow Rebecca's journey as she escapes a distressing life and embarks on a new career as an immigration inspector.

> Challenging Gameplay: Take on the role of an immigration inspector, making critical decisions and solving complex cases to progress in the game.

> Well-Paid Job: Enjoy the benefits of a lucrative position as an immigration inspector, offering financial stability and the opportunity to pay off debts.

> 14-Day Probationary Period: Face the challenge of proving your skills and suitability for the job within a limited timeframe, adding excitement and urgency to the gameplay.

> Managing Debts: Experience the thrill of managing Rebecca's debt of 300G while simultaneously performing your duties as an immigration inspector.

> Engaging Characters: Interact with a variety of intriguing characters, including the store manager and other immigration inspectors, uncovering their stories and building relationships.


Rapers, Please offers an immersive experience with a gripping storyline, challenging gameplay, and the opportunity to take control of Rebecca's destiny. As an immigration inspector, you'll navigate a 14-day probationary period, managing debts and making critical decisions. Can you rise to the challenge and repay the loan within the given time frame? Download the App now to embark on this thrilling journey of redemption and self-discovery.


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