Choices: Stories You Play MOD (Unlimited Diamonds/Keys)


One choice can change everything! With romance, drama, horror and more, Choices has the best collection of story games in the world!
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Jul 15, 2019
4.0.3 and up
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Choices: Stories You Play MOD (Unlimited Diamonds/Keys)

Download The Latest Apk Version of Choices: Stories You Play MOD, A Simulation Game for Android. This MOD Includes Unlimited Diamonds & Keys. Get Your APK Today!

Choices: Stories You Play is a simulation game from the studio Pixelberry is published in the Android Market for free. One choice can change everything. You can fall in love, to play the role of a detective or adventure in ancient times gets busy so that you can determine how the story is. In the first story, you are as a freshman. Welcome to the University Hartfeld Here you can find your friend or the love of your life. Fashionable dress or make new friends. In the second story Sheriff in Texas and Hollywood detectives trying to find a dangerous killer and escape. In the third story of the enemies of the empire took you and you have formed a powerful army and use magic, get your throne.

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HIGH SCHOOL STORY: CLASS ACT - Friendship, fun, and romance await you in Berry High's theatre class... if you can make it through your first day!

THE ELEMENTALISTS - Magick. Mystery. Mayhem. Your adventure at Penderghast College is about to begin.

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187 comments on "Choices: Stories You Play MOD (Unlimited Diamonds/Keys)"

  1. Jeti0508 says:

    Keys work!

  2. James says:

    Do the keys really work?

  3. Bailey says:

    Please update new version.. ty

  4. Visitor says:

    It is not the latest since the download is 2.3.7 and the newest version is 2.3.8

  5. Visitor says:

    The newest version is 2.3.8 and the link is 2.3.7

  6. Tron says:

    Keys don’t work there isn’t a key hack just diamonds

  7. Mithil says:

    How to i save my game if update comes as i m not able to connect to facebook

  8. XiTacoz says:

    The keys aren’t unlimited

  9. Kyler says:

    Do the keys work on 2.3.8?

  10. Kyler says:

    If i connect to facebook or playstore is it advisable?

  11. Vince says:

    diamond okay, but the keys aren’t unlimited

  12. Caitlin says:

    Keys don’t work at all, premium choices does work. Also, the game force closes after the first time you play it.

  13. Visitor says:

    Where is the download link, there are only Sponsered Searches….

  14. William says:

    When can we expect the next update since you mentioned?
    Games not working for me at all unfortunatly.

  15. Yoboi says:

    Keys don’t work pls me why?

  16. Gotchuboi says:

    How will my saves carry on with this version and to the next version you will be uploading?

  17. ralfs says:

    when will you upload the newest version of the game

  18. A says:

    Keys still aren’t working at all in the update. Premium choices are working like usual. Is it even possible to mod the keys???

  19. Kyler says:

    Keys still dont work tho in the updated version ??

  20. zy says:

    does the keys work in this update?

  21. Mithil says:

    I am not able to install the update so i will be able continue my saved progress without uninstalling the current one and install the new one

  22. Mayday says:

    I fixed the link connection to fb on my own but now wont connect to my google play games… Would that be an issue for the apk or the google games itself? Tho the google play connects to other games perfectly fine.
    I’ve already signed in and out, cleared cashe, cleared data. uninstalled the app, uninstalled the updates for google play services . Still nothing.

  23. Meike says:

    Keys don’t work for me. But the diamonds are working in the game play part. NOT in the character creation which is fine by me.

  24. Qweqwe says:

    Why the jeys not working?
    Great Jobs on diamonds its working i hope keys will work

  25. Sammontha says:

    When’s the next update?

  26. Sooga says:

    The app crashes when i start the game, what should i do?

  27. Meike says:

    Diamonds are working. Keys are still not unlimited. Can’t connect to Facebook or Google play. Is that normal? Can I work around that and still save my progress?

  28. Anna says:

    I can’t connect to facebook or google play, which means if there’s an update, I will lost all of my previous progress, did I?

  29. Ismael says:

    Is there a reason why keys are not unlimited? Other than that diamonds work fine and you have done a great job on this hack.

  30. Ellie says:

    Are the keys supposed to be working with v2.4.2? I’m still having to wait 3 hours for a key

  31. Ismael says:

    Is there a reason why the Jesus are unlimited, other than that everything works as it’s expected. Good job on this

  32. Meike says:

    Keys are not working for me either.
    I uninstalled all the previous stuff, downloaded the new version. Nothing different.

  33. Lets says:

    this mod is not working anymore ㅠㅠ
    I downloaded it, but it just tells me to update the app ㅠㅠ

  34. Gi says:

    Keys work, just downloaded last version

  35. Sddf says:

    Keys are working

  36. Paige says:

    I keep trying to download and it does quickly but then says file corrupt when trying to install?

  37. Em says:

    Keys Work. Dafreak…

  38. Sara says:

    What the newest version ?? Keys don’t work for me I only do on the 20th so I should hve the newest version 2.5.1

  39. Mode says:

    it says download version 2.4, tht version keys dosnt work.. where to download updated version

  40. Snake says:

    Where do I go to download the newest update? And does it include unlimited keys as well as diamonds?

  41. Melissa says:

    version 2•4 keys dont work. how to update?

  42. Jani says:

    I would appreciate an update, can’t play since couple of days cuz it asks me to upgrade the game.

  43. Meike says:

    Still losing keys :/

  44. John Woo says:

    Keys don’t work

  45. GC says:

    Keys hack not working. When will this be fixed?

  46. Chris says:

    Does the keys work?

  47. Chris says:

    When will it be updated?

  48. Mode says:

    yea. sadly keys still dont work. but thx for all the effort

  49. Michael says:

    Keys work

  50. Hashim says:

    There’s some problem going on with keys, but diamonds are unlimited

  51. Adrian says:

    The Keys isn’t work

  52. Eros says:

    Plss make the key unlimited im desperate admin

  53. Jk says:

    Key is’nt work,When will the next update come out?, please!!!

  54. Mode says:

    keys still doesn’t work 🙁

  55. Lulu says:

    Thanks fo this!

  56. Renekton says:

    Do the keys work on 2.5.3

  57. Luga says:

    Are the keys working?

  58. Rupali says:

    You have been saying that since 2018

  59. Ant Man says:

    The Keys work…

  60. Ant Man says:

    The Keys doesn’t work. It goes down to 0 and says that I can buy more…

  61. Zed says:

    Please tell hoe these keys works?

  62. Masi says:

    Please update this!

  63. Sol says:

    Admin, the keys doesn’t work anymore. Please help

  64. Jaysmood says:

    Any update on the key situation?

  65. Ayisha shaikh says:

    Keys stil doesn’t work please do something..

  66. Someone says:

    Key doesn’t work

  67. Mithil says:

    How do i save my progress?as i am not able to connect with google play or facebook

  68. Anna says:

    Key isn’t working(

  69. Dany says:

    Keys doesn’t work, but thank you for the diamonds.

  70. Amy says:

    When do you think you’ll have the keys unlimited as well? I’m a very impatient person and I think it’s ridiculous we only get 2 keys and then have to wait 3 hours to receive 1 key

  71. Maddy says:

    When will the next Update come? And will we get unlimited keys?

  72. Nachos says:

    When will the next update comeup?

  73. Indns says:

    Keys didnt work. Plz fix it on the next update. Tyms

  74. Jay says:

    Keys still aren’t unlimited :/

  75. Bela says:

    Are keys working now?

  76. Ar says:

    Waiting for this update for unlimited keys

  77. . says:

    Dude, please update this game. I can’t wait

  78. Ryan Fernandes says:

    Unlimited keys not working in version 2.5.5. I’m using honor 8 pro phone with android 9.0

  79. Alen says:

    The keys don’t work, but the diamonds do work… Please fix this

  80. Ar says:

    Dude, come on. Im waiting this game.

  81. Allen says:

    So it’s been 3 days since saying it would be 3 days. Any update as to when it will roll out?

  82. Moon says:

    When will the next Update come?

  83. Kuro says:

    is it updated now??

  84. Ryan Fernandes says:

    When will we get unlimited keys update??

  85. saarebutts says:

    is the keys update still coming soon??

  86. Abril says:

    When will the next Update come?

  87. watermelon says:

    When will you release the update with unlimited keys?? Thank you

  88. catherine says:

    when will the next update with unlimited keys be released, thank you

  89. Dave says:

    I love what you did here, I’m really looking forward for your next release! When do you think we can have your next update?

    Thanks again for your hard work!

  90. Neko says:

    Not working for me… Has it been updated?

  91. Anonymous says:

    keys don’t work but diamonds do

  92. Hira says:

    Firstly loves from Turkey! When will you fix the key issue?

  93. Marc Metellus says:

    I think by now whoever is behind APKWHALE gets the fact the keys don’t work. Harassing him about it is only going to want to make him stop helping us. We need him, he doesn’t need us. Think about it, he’s able to make this, the only thing were good for is being consumers. Be freaking patient, I’m sure he has his/hers reasons for a delayed update.

  94. Jack Watts says:

    Would love to know when the update is coming! Thanks so much for the free diamonds, though!

  95. Lyn says:

    Diamonds are unlimited but keys are not unlimited. why is that?

  96. Cupcake says:

    Hi, there is a new update out 2.5.6
    When do you think you will make this new update? Thank you

    • Apkwhale says:

      We’ll update in the next 24 hours. Thank you for using Apkwhale. We would really appreciate if you share games with your friends as well.

  97. jlfab says:

    When will it be updated???

  98. alex says:

    Please update. I’m really looking forward to unlimited keys. Thank you for your hard work!

  99. La says:

    Does this reaally work?

    • La says:

      Oh my god it does! At least the unlimited diamonds does, I’m not sure if the key problem is still not resolved or my app is just being weird. Is the unlimited key solution included in the new update or not? Either way, I love you man. Thanks for the hardwork. Hope I get answers for the keys soon.

  100. Bela says:

    Version 2.5.6 with premium choices working, but not keys

  101. HendElHefni says:

    Version 2.5.6, the keys hack isn’t working

  102. Pat says:

    Hi, thank you so much! My download however will not install, and the same happened with my friends does anyone have any tips or advice?

  103. alex says:

    Hello. Does this include unlocked outfits and hairstyles? Thank you for this!

  104. Anna says:

    Hello, i can’t connect in Choices !!! What should i do??

  105. Drag says:

    How to get unlimited keys? Mine’s not working:((

  106. Menna says:

    There is no keys or diamonds

  107. Lumberknot says:

    My download keeps saying “X App not installed”
    Am I being a moron or is something not working??

  108. jlm says:

    Why can I not log in to facebook? Is there a step I’m missing?

    Also: keys don’t work, but diamonds do! thank you so much <3

  109. kingleanso says:

    do the keys work now since the update from july 15?

  110. JackFrost says:

    When will the keys be working??

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