Choices: Stories You Play MOD (Unlimited Chances) 


One choice can change everything! With romance, drama, horror and more, Choices has the best collection of story games in the world!
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Sep 15, 2021
4.0.3 and up
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Choices: Stories You Play MOD (Unlimited Chances)

Download The Latest Apk Version of Choices: Stories You Play MOD, A Simulation Game for Android. This MOD Includes Unlimited Diamonds & Keys. Get Your APK Today!

Choices: Stories You Play is a simulation game from the studio Pixelberry is published in the Android Market for free. One choice can change everything. You can fall in love, to play the role of a detective or adventure in ancient times gets busy so that you can determine how the story is. In the first story, you are as a freshman. Welcome to the University Hartfeld Here you can find your friend or the love of your life. Fashionable dress or make new friends. In the second story Sheriff in Texas and Hollywood detectives trying to find a dangerous killer and escape. In the third story of the enemies of the empire took you and you have formed a powerful army and use magic, get your throne.

Just to let you know, It’s all about that one choice and everything else completely depends on it.

With choices story, you can easily do customizations to your character in the game and solve mysteries while falling in love and chilling around the whole environment.

The game has a very immersive experience which gets enhanced by the graphics. Everything looks clean and simple with a lot of levels to choose from the best collection of story games.

It gets weekly updates, which means the addition of new libraries.

You’re the one who has maximum control over the things happening in the game.

Currently, there are around 5 chapters in the game and with every week that passes, the new chapters are being added in the game.

The main reason for making this MOD is because a lot of gamers complained that they actually don’t get to make a choice unless they pay the developers. We can sense that the developers are forcing users to pay money. We certainly support them and want you to pay them for the awesome game they have made.

This Choices MOD apk is only for personal use and not meant to be commercial.

One alternative can change all the pieces! With romance, drama, horror and extrachoices has the most effective assortment of story video games on the earth!
Customise your predominant character
✦ Fall in love, remedy crimes and embark on epic fantasy adventures
Choose your story from our always rising library with weekly chapter updates
Management what occurs subsequent in immersive visible tales!

Present tales embody:

❖ THE FRESHMAN – Welcome to Hartfeld College! On this school drama, you’ll make new associates for all times and discover real love romancing your schoolmates. Will you date bookish James, occasion lady Kaitlyn, soccer hero Chris… or all three without delay?

Gown your character in fashion-forward outfits for occasions like a sorority rush.
Select a date for the elegant and romantic Winter Formal.

❖ THE CROWN & THE FLAME – Your enemies stole your kingdom, however now the time has come so that you can elevate a military, grasp magic, and reclaim your crown! Assume the position of the hero on this interactive narrative journey.

Type alliances and relationships to construct your military.
Gown in elegant fashions and highly effective armour.
– Crush enemies in an epic battle!

❖ PERFECT MATCH – Join the high-tech matchmaking companies of Eros Included, and grasp the courting sport! Create your look, meet your excellent match, and fall in love on this thrilling thriller story!

Customise your date to be your excellent match.
– Roleplay as a man or a woman.
Examine a thriller with twists you gained’t see coming!

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HIGH SCHOOL STORY: CLASS ACT - Friendship, fun, and romance await you in Berry High's theatre class... if you can make it through your first day!

THE ELEMENTALISTS - Magick. Mystery. Mayhem. Your adventure at Penderghast College is about to begin.

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MOD Features

MOD Version Coming Soon

– UNLIMITED DIAMONDS: You get the complete freedom around diamonds that you get inside the game. Which means that you can basically any amount that you want. This would allow the user to never run out of then.

– UNLIMITED KEYS:  Keys plays a huge role in this game so we’ve added the amazing functionality with the help of which you can spend as many keys as you want.



404 comments on "Choices: Stories You Play MOD (Unlimited Chances)"

  1. Apkwhale says:

    You need to uninstall the previous version before installing the new apk.

  2. jlm says:

    Why can I not log in to facebook? Is there a step I’m missing?

    Also: keys don’t work, but diamonds do! thank you so much <3

  3. kingleanso says:

    do the keys work now since the update from july 15?

  4. JackFrost says:

    When will the keys be working??

  5. Genjimain says:

    Keys aren’t working

  6. Thaís Sabatovicz says:

    for some reason, sometimes when you buy someting, the diamonds are used. And now im trying to buy something that costs 15 diamonds and I have only 5 and it says I dont have enough diamonds. Shouldnt It be Free or something like that? Can anyone help me?

    • Apkwhale says:

      Yes, Diamonds are unlimited so you can basically spend as much as you want.

      • Thaís says:

        Yeah I know, but for some reason the diamonds i had are now 5 because they were used sometimes during the game, and you guys say its infinite but now im with 5 and trying to buy a dress that costs 15 and It says I need to buy more diamonds.

        • Meike says:

          Usually in character creation before the real story starts, the unlimited diamonds are not working properly. But after that point any choice you make using diamonds should be free.

  7. Ambika says:

    When is the next update for leys to work?

  8. Thaís Sabatovicz says:

    Yeah, I know that. But i can’t. I am trying to buy a dress and It says I dont have enough diamonds.

  9. Jason says:

    still no update?

  10. Kirina says:

    Thank you very much, admin 🙂

  11. Dawn says:

    The keys don’t work, when will they work?

    • Moderator says:

      Yes, diamonds are working fine! As it is one server it is a bit harder to crack keys.
      We are working really hard to unlock unlimited keys.
      I hope it will be unlocked in the next update. Thank you!

  12. anonymous says:

    Version 2.6.0
    Keys don’t work. Don’t know it’ll ever work, cz it’s server sided 🙁

  13. Eva says:

    the unlimited diamonds work but the keys are still limited slightly disappointing but thank you maybe try to fix it

    • Moderator says:

      Yes, diamonds are working fine! As it is one server it is a bit harder to crack keys.
      We are working really hard to unlock unlimited keys.
      I hope it will be unlocked in the next update. Thank you!

  14. Mindy says:

    Are the keys working in the most recent update? Downloaded it, installed it, went to play a chapter and it still says I’ll get another key within the two hour time frame.

  15. Pradheep says:

    When will thw keys work..

  16. Laura says:

    Hi, mine doesn’t work. I already played with the store version, but with this APK I can’t resume my game and I have to start all over again. Also diamonds and keys are not unlimited and I can’t login into Facebook.
    Can you help me? Any similar feedback?

  17. EESA says:

    Do the keys work now?

  18. Moderator says:

    Diamonds Works, Keys Don’t. Will Fix That With Next Update!!

  19. Jojo says:

    Sooooo my keys work great but not with the diamonds. Is it only me or does anyone have it too?

  20. No says:

    How can I tell if the diamonds works? I purchased diamond choices but they still got deducted. Does that mean it doesn’t works?

  21. F3XiL says:

    When is the next update? I want the keys you promise!!

  22. Meep says:

    Keys working yet?

  23. Pradheep says:

    Is the keys working

  24. Animal says:

    Keys works now or not?

  25. RobDaBank says:

    Keys working sad.

  26. AN says:

    Diamonds work. Keys don’t

  27. Is the Diamonds and Keys are working? Please tell me the truth. Thanks!

  28. Miles Castro says:

    I really hope the Keys & Diamonds are working.

  29. Estefanía says:

    I had no unlimited keys, when I logged into Facebook I had to un installed it and now I cannot open it again through the APK, when I say install the open button is unable. What can I do?!

  30. Zack says:

    Just download it “again” . Resuming At chapter 2 , the key is still 2 . I thought the key mod is working but when i played in chapter 3 . The key become 1 , and the same like chapter 4 is become 0 too and i need to wait for 1 hour again for 1 key

    I thought its gonna work , but hey . At least there’s something new with the mod , it give us hope . After all this year and month , this is the only mod that nearly make the “key mod” working

  31. Rickyzack says:

    Just download it “again” . Resuming At chapter 2 , the key is still 2 . I thought the key mod is working but when i played in chapter 3 . The key become 1 , and the same like chapter 4 is become 0 too and i need to wait for 1 hour again for 1 key
    I thought its gonna work , but hey . At least there’s something new with the mod , it give us hope . After all this year and month , this is the only mod that nearly make the “key mod” working

  32. catherine says:

    Keys are not working

  33. j says:

    diamonds don’t work for me?? how does it work? 🙁

  34. Joey says:

    Keys are not working. I’m playing through facebook. How can I make it work?

  35. Lisa says:

    No it doesn’t work!!!

  36. Christien Oclarit says:

    Although you have updated this game several times the Keys won’t work. I know hacking the keys in this game is impossible

    • Moderator says:

      Yes, diamonds are working fine! As it is one server it is a bit harder to crack keys.
      We are working really hard to unlock unlimited keys.
      I hope it will be unlocked in the next update. Thank you!

  37. Nish says:

    Keys don’t work

    • Moderator says:

      Yes, diamonds are working fine! As it is one server it is a bit harder to crack keys.
      We are working really hard to unlock unlimited keys.
      I hope it will be unlocked in the next update. Thank you!

  38. Moderator says:

    Yes! You will need to delete original game 🙂

  39. Moderator says:

    Working very fine in new updates 🙂

  40. Moderator says:

    We’ve updated it! Please check out new update 🙂 Thank you.

  41. Kumar says:

    Does Key Works???

  42. Modec says:

    Choices works fine for me. But please admin I can’t login to my google play account or facebook in order to save progress. Please is there a way to resolve this, or is there an alternative way of saving progress with the mod apk of Choices.

  43. Richard says:

    When will the keys hack works?
    And are you guys working on it now?

  44. RynHani says:

    No.. It’s not working.. And when the apps updated.. All my book have been reset?

  45. King says:

    Do the keys work yet?

  46. iris says:

    are the keys working?? if so pls tell me how to use it!!

  47. BV says:

    Do keys work on 2.6.2 update??

  48. Nana says:

    are the keys finally unlimited or modded? the diamonds are working fine btw! thank you for doing this!!

  49. THERAWAY says:

    Do keys work.?

  50. THERAWAY says:

    They dont work. The game says that i have to buy new ones

  51. Rob says:

    My keys are not working

  52. Theraway says:

    Keys dont work for me

  53. Lauren says:

    When will the unlimited keys/diamonds mod be done?

  54. Brrr says:

    I want unlimited dimonds m keys

  55. Tzud says:

    It does not work on mine

  56. HighOnInsomnia says:

    Yeah I know, another one of these I’m just wondering if the keys are gonna be working anytime soon? Waiting 3 hours for one little shit is getting tiring and I’m not about to spend a penny on this money laundering game.
    (Yes, I realize how I sound like a spoiled brat since you work on this for free) but I’m just genuinely curious. Thank you for your time and thanks for hacking this game for us (seriously. You’ve already saved me tons of money worth in diamonds )

  57. Razor says:

    Keys are not working yet. Please make keys work as soon as possible..

  58. Andrew says:

    I can’t connect to facebook, it says login error?

  59. Andrew says:

    The keys aren’t unlimited for me

  60. Frederic Punch says:

    Hello are keys working now

  61. Dawn says:

    Version 2.6.2 The keys aren’t working for me, diamonds work though

  62. Lia says:

    when will the next update?

  63. Ved says:

    Does unlimited key work now? Can you share the link here in the comment. As the ones mentioned above doesn’t have unlimited keys

  64. Aaron says:

    I just installed. The game won’t let me log into Facebook.

  65. Lilly says:

    Can’t wait for the new update ^^ so that the keys will also be unlimited ^^ thanks for creating like this its a big help ^^

  66. Lafyon says:

    Keys don’t work

  67. Joe says:

    My diamonds are not working?

  68. Brittany says:

    Please help, I can’t update it, it keeps telling me that the package conflicts with an existing package by the same name.
    If I delete the old version I’ll lose my progress,
    Cause I couldn’t log into Facebook or Google.
    What should I do?

  69. Name says:

    Mod needs updated, it wont open

  70. Chris says:

    Mod needs to be updated to 2.6.4, it keeps force closing and sending to google store to update when opened via the mod apk

  71. Arjun Mitra says:

    I cant update the existing app. It says app not installed. If I uninstall the exiating one then all my progress will be lost.

  72. Veer says:

    Diamonds were working fine till yesterday, 12 Dec.
    Now the app is asking for update.
    Kindly update ASAP

  73. Lavin says:

    When is the update? pls update sooon thanks cant wait and this mod is really great !

  74. poofs says:

    will the latest update included the new books and everything be out soon? because for now it keeps telling me that I need to upgrade.

  75. Tofushi says:

    I’m curious you guys are working hard for this. How are you ppl earning? Whats in it for you modding these games? Is it through the ads?

  76. Nadiaaaa says:

    Please update, the app won’t open

  77. Lavin says:

    Thanks for the update ! But please work on keyes fast im dyng to wait thank you and i love this mod hope the keys work ♡

  78. Samantha says:

    I can’t connect with Facebook, please tell me how..
    I lost my progress after updating ???

  79. Priya says:

    Thank u sooo much for diamonds but When will we get unlimited keys???:(

  80. Chris says:

    Something’s going wrong, the app deleted all my data and i had to delete the app and reinstall it to get my data back, and now every time i close the app and reopen it, all my books have the “new” tag even though theres no new chapter and all my pinned books get auto-unpinned.

  81. Chris says:

    Apkwhale, will next update fix this lost progress problem? Ive lost my facebook save progress and my game wont save so i cant play anymore 🙁

  82. Lisa says:

    Needs to be updated!

  83. Lia says:

    Pleeeease tell us how to connect with Facebook ??
    It doesn’t work ??

  84. ArchAngel says:

    Any luck with the Keys?

  85. HOAX says:

    when r the keys gonna work. please do it fast. really appreciate tht the diamonds r already unlimited but the keys ARENT still unlimited ?

    • Apkwhale says:

      We can not tell a specific date for it.

      • Hehe says:

        Guys, dont be discouraged by all these pushing people! Just be patient! It’s hard to modify an app and be grateful that diamonds are working. You only have to wait a couple hours after all. Take your time! Quality over quantity.

  86. Hehe says:

    keys are not working

  87. cake says:

    I was so excited to download this mod, but when I entered the game the diamonds were still at 65. What should I do?

  88. Lia says:

    No Facebook!!, No Google play!!
    How could I save my progress!!?

  89. Jennifer Gillespie says:

    It says to pay $14.99 for unlimited diamonds as a VIP but this version is not set up for billing. It connected to my old game but diamonds did not update

  90. Nibba says:

    Come on y’all, It’s really no fun without the keys 🙁

    • A says:

      They’re trying. It’s not that easy to make unlimited keys work, but maybe it’s something they can crack in time with the new feature. We just have to be patient.

  91. Choices Enthusiastic says:

    First of all thank you for all your hard work. You guys are the best! Now for my question, what happens if I try buying keys with money? Does it work like the actual app? Can I do that?

  92. EdenHooi says:

    Is this able to log in with Facebook? As I got error if I used the mod

  93. Sum1 says:

    Its 2020 and the keys still don’t work. ?

  94. Amazon says:

    So which one do we download to get the unlimited diamonds? I downloaded it and only have 64 diamonds and 2 keys.

  95. Jellybean says:

    My keys don’t work too, and I installed the app today.. So, what’s up?

  96. Nymbil says:

    Keys don’t work, but everything else does. Have to wait 3 hours for 1 key, but at least you can choose all the good options and get a good story.

  97. rishu says:

    it doesn’t

  98. Emily says:

    The diamond feature works well, thank you guys so much! Good luck on working on the key feature, I’m so looking forward to it. But I still have a few questions, since I’m kinda not used to mod version of games and stuff. First, whenever the game has a new update, will your mod game automatically update too, or will I have to do something about it? And second, will I receive any notice when your key feature finally comes out? Again, thank you so much for this mod game and keep up your good work!!

  99. Buggy dance says:

    Still didnt working?
    I mean the key…

  100. Jebby says:

    Needs an update. Please be quick 🙂

  101. SKIPPYNUTS says:

    Please update. Need the latest update badly ??

  102. Countess E. says:

    Is 2.6.5 version out yet!? I can’t play the game anymore, it said I have to update first ;;-;; But I check on Play Store and somehow I cannot update it… Help pls ;;-;;

  103. I downloaded the apk choices unlimited keys and diamonds and the diamonds worked perfectly! Thank you alot for that. But the keys aren’t working. Am I doing something wrong or are you guys still working on the unlimited keys? If so, is there a known release date?

  104. Karen says:

    Diamonds only work for this mod but still thank you for always working so hard in updating this mod. 😀 Also, it allows you to connect with fb but it gets an error just proceed with it and it will work. Thank you again!

  105. Latte says:

    I only got 65 diamonds after installing. The choice for special clothes or hair is free of diamonds but the options in story still charge for diamonds. Why I can’t get the unlimited diamonds?

  106. Jules says:

    Unfortunately the keys don’t work, but the diamonds are 100% working!!!
    Just out of curiosity, why it’s so difficult to get a mod that have free access to all chapters? ( I ask this because I never saw a mod version of this app that have the free keys, so I imagine that it’s probably some difficult shit).

    Thanks for the updated mod!!

  107. BrianDP says:

    Moderator team, can I be notified if there are updates about KEYS? Semangat for your hard work ?

  108. Kim says:

    The update is not installing on my phone too… I hope we can get it to work so i can have access to more keys???

  109. Tarko says:

    Hey mods, when is the unlimited key update coming?
    (Been waiting for a long time)

  110. Rong says:

    Are the unlimited keys working in this version now or is it still limited to just unlimited diamonds?

  111. Dexter says:

    There’s no unlimited keys in the mod

  112. Ana says:

    How to activate? I dont get it. Please help me

  113. Louise says:

    Keys dont work

  114. Ken says:

    So the diamond works and the keys don’t work?

  115. Marc Metellus says:

    Lol last update Feb 15th 2020, today is Feb 14 2020.

  116. yung ebenz says:

    pls can we get the keys pls

  117. Potatoefoot says:


  118. Lucie says:

    Keys don’t work?

  119. Noor says:

    the app does not work, it asked me for upgrade
    Is there a way to upgrade the app without losing my books and my choices?

  120. Bungary says:

    Will we ever see the keys working? It will a dream coming true…

  121. QTAngel says:

    The 2.6.7 version is not working! It downloads then when i go to install, it says not installed…. pleass help me!

  122. Elle says:

    When I install and try to connect to Facebook it keeps giving me Facebook login error. Any idea how to fix it?

  123. Kate says:

    Can you Pleeeease make an access to the VIP books and features Hack?
    And fix the Facebook login error ?
    Pleeeease ?

  124. Schivonne Kee says:

    I downloaded the APK but still do not have unlimited diamonds and keys. Is there any way you can help me?

  125. Nicole says:

    Bluestacks seems like it doesn’t want to work with this anymore, is there a recommended emulator that’s definitely compatible?

  126. Deepak says:

    So I have an idea ! For Keys Hack
    So like the app has a VIP version with unlimited everything and complete acess
    Well you could try and fool the server by giving grant to use unlimited keys and on the case of diamonds when we require them to choose a choice during game you make it to bypass or just skip it and make it not check our inventory or diamonds and deducted them
    So I know the keys may be a difficult to do well I don’t know how to so here u go
    Let me know if my idea is like a little possible to do
    Happy Hacking

  127. Catherine says:


  128. Noor says:

    I can’t restart the chapter ? why?

  129. FireHunter says:

    Everything works !!!!
    I thought this was a fake but it actually works . I really recemend this.

  130. bri says:

    Plss I want the unlimeted keys right I knew the hardwork that you’ve done and it really amaze So when will we get the unlimited keys?

  131. Tristan says:

    Is there a update in unlimited keys?

  132. ValePotter says:

    Thank you SO MUCH!
    How can I know which dress let me unlock boosts or extra scenes?
    I love you!

  133. Ken says:

    Unlimited chances?
    What does it mean?

  134. Dahlia says:

    Diamonds work! But keys not :'( help me

  135. Hanish says:

    Why you guys lie about keys working tell the truth

  136. Sam says:

    Key works ?????

  137. Renzo says:

    Hope the keys work soon! I hope you fix it in the next update.

  138. Sky says:

    Not working for keys 15/4/20

  139. AKH says:

    When will you upload unlimited keys mod?

  140. Matthew says:

    How do you install it?

  141. Mel says:


    I’ve been playing with another Choices mod but decided to download yours. I uninstalled the other and downloaded yours but now APK Parser is telling me “App Not Installed”.
    Can someone help me please?

  142. 50husky says:

    I cant seem to download this. I wonder why, pls help

  143. shinichi says:

    does keys work?

  144. Tsukumo says:

    also thank you for making this!!

  145. Shinichi says:

    Does keys work??

  146. K says:

    Is the unlimited keys working?

  147. Kat says:

    Keys don’t seem to work for me. Can you explain how it works? Am I supposed to install in a specific way or in a specific device? Thanks for your continuous support!

  148. J.P says:

    Is the keys working? Because I’m just gonna delere it again if it’s not but I appreciate the effort

  149. Neil Speters says:

    Keys are working 29-05-2020

  150. Batman says:

    Are the keys working as of now? Because mine isn’t working

  151. Person says:

    The keys don’t work

  152. Chupomoting says:

    Keys not working 13/06/2020

  153. Mae says:

    Hi, I downloaded Choices MOD and after 4 chapters it says “We’ve detected a version conflict” and now I can’t continue playing with those chapters anymore

  154. Vidhi says:

    Hi, I am also getting version conflict message after playing 4 chapters

  155. Anna says:

    I download this version and when get into next chapter it says “We detected a version conflict” , what should i do ?

  156. xBattedPond says:


  157. iris says:

    are the keys unlimited now?????

  158. Aish says:

    Please add the vip version

  159. 50husky says:

    why is mine says ‘new version is up now’ then i have to click and it brings me to google play 🤔

  160. Boring says:

    Are you still working on it?

  161. sikis says:

    Thanks for the modded version

  162. bahis says:

    Thanks sir

  163. indir says:

    Great MOD

  164. web-dl says:

    Thanks for the mod sir

  165. indir says:

    Great MOD

  166. OldManDew says:

    Keys are not working for me but Diamonds is.

  167. turkce says:

    Thanks for checking out. Yes the finish is great too

  168. Shaheer Fayyaz says:

    Bro diamonds are free i appreciate it but the main thing is keys we need the mod app with free keys that would so freakin’ awesome if we get that i hope you’ll help it’s just a selfish and humble request from me 😔

    • Apkwhale says:

      Yes Shaheer,

      We are working on it for a very long time and it is quite hard to do that. Yet we are trying out very best.

  169. Anonymous says:


  170. Anonymous says:


  171. Michaela Clark says:


  172. Austin Norris says:

    Key works ?????

  173. Dylan Bailey says:

    Apkwhale, my account has been banned for 14days what do I do.

  174. Dr. Tabitha Clark says:


  175. Midhuna Dhanesh Kumar says:

    The keys still dont work 🙁

  176. Janet Hebert says:

    Please updates.

  177. Johanna says:

    Is the unlimited key already working. 💙

  178. Devin Ruiz says:

    WoW cool

  179. Yvonne Pierce says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing MOD! 🙂

  180. Cindy Harrison says:

    Thanks for this

  181. Penny Maxwell says:

    Hiya, so I downloaded the 7.9.0 version of the game and when I open it it says there is a newer update and that I need to download it… Do you have a newer update??

  182. Courtney Rivera says:

    Dont work

  183. Tiffany Barnes says:

    Plz update mod

  184. Heather Brown says:

    The mod is working

  185. Jamie Bruce says:

    Thanks buddy

  186. Frank Colon says:

    Thanks for the mod

  187. Derek Weber says:

    This is not workung plz update the latest MOD

  188. Angela Holloway says:

    You can uninstall the facebook app and login to facebook using chrome.

    Works for me.

  189. Kelli Romero says:


  190. Dustin Sherman says:

    Working fine

  191. James Boone says:

    Thanks you apkwhale

  192. Mark Brown says:

    Does Key Works???

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