5 BEST Meditation and Mindfulness APPS (Must Have)

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BEST Meditation and Mindfulness APPS

There really isn’t a shortage of apps that can help you meditate and achieve a sense of mindfulness. More and more professionals are designing those apps, helping people sleep better, fight anxiety, improve focus, and much more.

Meditation and mindfulness apps are amazing when it comes to bringing you both physical and mental benefits. But choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging, as there are hundreds of them out there.

Start with the following five, as you can use them for free, and determine exactly which one best fits your needs.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think provides you with personalized meditation, tailored to the way you feel at the moment, as you can rate your body and mind, and choose your current emotion. The app will then recommend personalized meditation activities, yoga, and acupressure videos.

Stop, Breathe & Think also has a Learn to Meditate part, where you can learn more about the power of mindfulness, and how it can improve your life. You can also learn breathing techniques, track your progress, and choose to meditate with relaxing sounds, or in complete silence.

This app offers 34 free meditation sessions (each up to 15 minutes), and two narrators to choose from. There’s also a premium version that comes with 100+ mindfulness activities, longer sessions, 9 narrators, and 30+ premium missions for kids.

You can also connect the app to Alexa so that you can get reminders, and never forget to meditate.


Aura is an app that understands your emotions, thanks to AI. It constantly learns what you need, and what helps you best, so that it can provide better, more personalized recommendations.

It features short mindfulness meditations, short stories, and life coaching sessions. You can also choose from an abundance of sounds of nature or melodious music to immerse in. There’s also a gratitude journal, where you can keep track of your moods and emotions.

This app also comes with free and premium versions. The difference between them is that the free version doesn’t let you replay meditations as many times as you want. Nevertheless, it’s more than helpful.

Ten Percent Happier

Ten Percent Happier is a new creation of Dan Harris, the author of “Meditation for Fidgeting Skeptics: A 10% Happier How-to Book.”  Just like his book, the app is aimed at sceptics who don’t think that meditation can help them feel better.

The app focuses on neuroscience and helps you apply mindfulness and philosophical ideas to your everyday life. The guided meditations help you relax, combat stress, sleep better, wake up refreshed every day, and essentially enjoy life more.

The free version of the app comes with The Basics section only (a 7-day orientation). The premium version may make this app a bit more expensive than most, but it’s unbelievably beneficial.


Calm is an app that helps you meditate, get restful sleep, lower stress, care for your body and mind, and sharpen your focus. It has a large library of tranquil sleep stories, soothing music, guided meditations, and video lessons.

To say that Calm is life-changing would be an understatement. However, you get only a week of free content, after which you can choose to buy the premium version that is one of the most affordable out there.


Omvana offers 500+ meditation tracks and transformational videos for better focus and sleep, peace, enlightenment, and much more. It helps you meditate in a very effective way, with the help of its brilliant guided meditations and inspirational speeches.

It features six categories: Body, Mind, Lifestyle, Productivity, Relationships, and Hypnosis. You can choose a free package, or go for the premium plan, which comes with plenty more features for helping you transform every area of your life.

Protect Your Device and Have a Peace of Mind

You cannot reach mindfulness and have complete peace of mind if you don’t protect your smartphone, tablet, or any other device you’re using to meditate.

Cybercriminals constantly lurk around every corner, so you should seriously consider keeping your device and data safe. This is especially important if hackers target some of the apps you’re using.

This is why you should get a VPN for your Android, as it will hide your IP address, and your online activity, keeping you and your data perfectly safe. Virtual Private Networks come with plenty more benefits, so take the time to learn about them, and find the best service to fit all your needs.

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