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Video Tube APK
Package ID: com.mytube.floatviewer2
Latest Version: v3.5
Latest update: 2024-04-12 16:09:41
Developer: DroidBrowser
Requirements: Android
Category: Other
Size: 6.93 MB
Rating :4.5

Introducing Video Tube, the app that revolutionizes how you enjoy music and videos on your mobile device. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading songs and hello to a world of unlimited music and video streaming. With Video Music, you can access and listen to millions of free songs at your fingertips. The unique floating player feature allows you to multitask while enjoying your favorite tunes, with the ability to easily resize and reposition the player. Discover new songs and create playlists with the quick search function and personalized suggestions. Please note that Video Music is a streaming player app, not a downloader, and all content is provided by YouTube. Join the streaming revolution and experience the joy of free music with Video Music today.

Features of Video Tube:

⭐️ Watch and listen to millions of Music and Video: This app allows you to enjoy a vast collection of free music and videos. You can easily search for your favorite songs and artists, and listen to them on the go.

⭐️ Always on top floating player: The app offers a convenient floating player that remains on top of other apps, allowing you to multitask while enjoying your favorite music. You can even customize its size and position for a personalized viewing experience.

⭐️ Quick search with suggestions: With this app, you can easily find songs and playlists through a quick search feature. It provides helpful suggestions to make your music discovery effortless.

⭐️ Music player with various modes: Video Tube comes with a built-in music player that offers shuffle, repeat, next, and back modes. You have full control over your music playback, ensuring a seamless listening experience.

⭐️ Sleep timer and resizable small player: Stream allows you to set a sleep timer, so you can fall asleep to your favorite music without worrying about turning it off. Additionally, the small player can be resized for your convenience.

⭐️ Safe and legal music streaming: Please note that Stream is a third-party music streaming app. It is not a downloader and does not allow listening to your own mp3 files. All the content is provided by YouTube services, ensuring it is safe and legal.


Video Tube is a fantastic app that provides an excellent platform for enjoying free music and videos. With its wide range of features, such as the floating player, quick search, and customizable music player, you can easily immerse yourself in the world of music on the go. While it doesn't support downloading music, it offers unlimited streaming options and ensures a safe and legal music experience. So why wait? Click the link below to download Stream now and start enjoying your favorite songs!


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  • avatar
    Great little app, I really enjoy it, since my youtube isn't working, it provides me the alternative for it !!
    2024-04-16 18:18:48
  • avatar
    The only reason for this app is to download videos but i can't seem to download anything and it very slow in loading
    2024-04-15 14:58:40
  • avatar
    Best app for me. It support youtube and it is very nice , all typs of entertainment are there. For download youtube videos, it is the best app in playstore....
    2024-04-14 21:35:47
  • avatar
    Superb .easy to search ,identify & specific when video is uploaded is mentioned is also good.
    2024-04-14 10:44:54
  • avatar
    Absolutely incredible, you can watch things for free. What more would you want
    2024-04-14 06:21:08
  • avatar
    It's a better application to use as like YouTube. But consists some Non-Indian Videos which is not good.
    2024-04-14 02:01:24