Package ID: com.elitdigitalone.elitdigitaliptvbox
Latest Version: v3.
Latest update: 2024-04-11 14:47:51
Requirements: Android
Category: Media & Video
Size: 20.85 MB
Rating :4.0

Introducing ELIT DIGITAL, the ultimate multimedia player for all your movie and series streaming needs. With ELIT DIGITAL, you can enjoy a wide range of content, neatly categorized into separate sections for movies and series. The app boasts an impressive array of features, including a search functionality, detailed movie information and ratings, support for hardware and software decoding, and compatibility with all standard codecs and formats. Plus, you can even customize your viewing experience with subtitle and dual audio support. With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use design, ELIT DIGITAL is the go-to app for all your streaming desires. Whether you're watching TV shows, listening to music, or catching up on sports, ELIT DIGITAL has you covered. So, why wait? Download ELIT DIGITAL now and experience the next level of multimedia streaming on your Android phone, tablet, TV, or TV box.

Features of ELIT DIGITAL:

⭐️ Categorized Content: The app categorizes movies and TV series separately, making it easy to find and browse through various options.

⭐️ Search Functionality: Users can easily search for specific movies or series and access detailed information such as ratings and other relevant details.

⭐️ Wide Codec and Format Support: The app supports all standard codecs and formats, ensuring that users can play their favorite content without any compatibility issues.

⭐️ Subtitle and Dual Audio Support: Users can enjoy movies and series with subtitles and switch between different audio tracks if available.

⭐️ Impressive UI: The app has an attractive and user-friendly interface, providing a visually pleasing experience.

⭐️ Multiple Device Compatibility: The app is compatible with various Android devices, including phones, tablets, Android TVs, and TV boxes.


ELIT DIGITAL is a feature-rich Multimedia Player App that allows users to watch movies and TV series with ease. With its categorized content, search functionality, wide format support, and impressive UI, it provides an enjoyable and hassle-free viewing experience. Whether you want to stream on your phone, tablet, or TV, this app has you covered. Download now to enhance your entertainment experience.


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