M2wear APK
Package ID: com.lhzl.mtwearpro
Latest Version: v3.5.47
Latest update: 2024-04-03 11:25:27
Requirements: Android
Category: Other
Size: 63.30 MB
Rating :4.2

This M2wear app offers a multitude of features that will bring your smart devices to a whole new level of functionality. With its core functions, you will never miss an important call again. By receiving SMS content and call forwarding, you can easily monitor incoming calls on your smart watch and receive push notifications, ensuring that you are always aware of who is trying to reach you. Additionally, this app allows you to pair and manage various smart devices such as Smart Bands and Smart Watches, giving you full control and customization options for your notifications. Not only that, but you can also keep a close eye on your health with the ability to record and visualize your daily activities, heart rate, and even your sleep data. Stay motivated on your fitness journey by tracking your routes, steps, workout durations, distances, and calories burned. With the personalized exercise reports provided by this app, you can easily understand your progress and make improvements accordingly. Don't miss out on this amazing app that will enhance your smart device experience and help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Features of M2wear:

⭐️ SMS Content and Call Forwarding: This app allows you to receive SMS content and forward calls to your smart watch. You can easily monitor incoming calls and receive push notifications on your watch, ensuring that you never miss an important call.

⭐️ Smart Device Management: With M2wear, you can pair and manage various smart devices such as Smart Bands and Smart Watches. You have the flexibility to customize and synchronize notifications, as well as sync incoming call information and recent call logs.

⭐️ Health Monitoring: Take charge of your health by tracking and visualizing your daily activities, heart rate, sleep data, and more. This app provides comprehensive health data, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay on top of your well-being.

⭐️ Workout Tracking: Stay motivated and track your workouts with ease. This app allows you to record your routes, steps, workout duration, distance, and calories burned. It also generates personalized exercise reports, giving you a clear understanding of your progress and helping you achieve your fitness goals.

⭐️ Personalization: Customize your app experience to suit your preferences. Whether it's setting reminders, choosing display settings, or selecting your preferred language, this app allows you to personalize it to meet your needs.

⭐️ User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a seamless user experience with an intuitive interface. This app is designed to be easy to navigate and use, ensuring that you can effortlessly access all its features and functionalities.

In conclusion, M2wear is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their smart device experience. With its ability to receive SMS content, forward calls, manage smart devices, monitor health, track workouts, and provide customization options, it offers a comprehensive solution for all your smart device needs. Download now to take advantage of its features and take control of your digital life.


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  • avatar
    I tried this on many androids phones but it doesn't connect with any of them, is it my watch is the problem or the app, im so disappointed I just wanna remove the LGBT dial from my watch because of my religion
    2024-04-07 16:13:41
  • avatar
    Terrible, terrible app Unusable. My phone is showing paired to Bluetooth but app will not pair to phone. It's like it's the wrong app but it's not. Can't use the watch since I can't use the app with it. Awful.
    2024-04-07 13:46:18
  • avatar
    The worst! I can't change the wallpaper it always says sync fails
    2024-04-06 08:56:58
  • avatar
    Hello ! I'm unable to change screen face on this App..when you go in to dial management you can only put custom pictures on screen face..I don't find different screen faces like other apps..kindly help..
    2024-04-04 15:00:59
  • avatar
    You completely ruined the app with the latest update, now the app can't open. In the previous version it could open but unable to send notifications to the smartwatch at the background.
    2024-04-04 14:42:35
  • avatar
    After latest update app became worst unable to change dial , also weather service stopped please check it
    2024-04-04 07:00:15