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Revo Launcher APK
Package ID: com.karuzohikari.wiiphone
Latest Version: v4.2
Latest update: 2024-07-11 15:54:03
Developer: KaruzoHikari
Requirements: Android
Category: Other
Size: 69.00 MB
Tags: Life Read
Rating :4.0

Tired of the same old boring look on your phone? Look no further than Revo Launcher, the app that will bring life to your device! With this innovative launcher, you can create stunning icon and banner animations, giving your home menu a fresh and vibrant touch. The best part? You can link each animation to your favorite apps, webpages, or games, so they launch automatically when you start the channel. Want to change things up even more? The app offers a variety of themes to choose from, giving your app a completely new and exciting look. Get ready to revolutionize your phone experience with Revo Launcher!

Features of Revo Launcher:

- Icon and Banner Animations: The app allows you to create stunning icon and banner animations for your device. Say goodbye to boring static icons and bring your phone to life with eye-catching animations.

- Customizable Home Menu: With Revo Launcher, you can create channels on your home menu and link them to different apps, webpages, or games. When you start a channel, it launches the corresponding app or content, giving you quick and easy access to your favorite features.

- Default Launcher Option: The app also allows you to set it as your default launcher, which means that every time you press the home button, the app will be activated. This ensures a seamless and immersive user experience every time you use your device.

- Theme Customization: Tired of the same old look? The app offers a wide range of customizable themes to give your device a fresh new look. You can easily change the theme of the app and choose from three different sample themes that come included with the app.

Tips for Users:

- Get Creative with Icon and Banner Animations: Take advantage of Revo Launcher's animation features to create unique and personalized icon and banner animations. Let your creativity shine and make your device truly stand out.

- Organize Your Home Menu: Use the channel feature of the app to organize your apps, webpages, and games on your home menu. Group related items together to easily access them with a single tap. This will help you stay organized and enhance your productivity.

- Explore Different Themes: Don't be afraid to experiment with different themes offered by Revo Launcher. Find a theme that suits your style and reflects your personality. Changing your device's theme can enhance the overall visual experience and make using your phone more enjoyable.


Revo Launcher is the ultimate app for those who want to breathe new life into their devices. With its icon and banner animation features, customizable home menu, and theme customization options, the app allows you to personalize your device like never before. Whether you're looking to add a touch of creativity or simply want a fresh new look, the app has got you covered. Say goodbye to boring home screens and hello to a world of endless possibilities. Download it now and transform your device into something truly extraordinary.


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  • avatar
    Amazing and creative, could look better or smooth out some edges on in the settings icons and stuff but fun. Personally i wish it could flow allot better with my phone but thats none of the creators fault.
    2024-07-17 00:37:23
  • avatar
    Great app, but i think you should make the mii maker app a thing where you can actually make miis.
    2024-07-15 17:00:48
  • avatar
    I think it's really nice, I just wish it was more user accessible to make it your main home screen
    2024-07-14 18:42:23
  • avatar
    Neat little concept launcher, but lacks many basic functionalites and exceptions a launcher should have, such as navigating to various setting/folders easily. It'd be nice to customize the layout, albeit within reason.
    2024-07-14 16:05:54
  • avatar
    It's a great app and all but why does the mail button take you to mario kart tour? It's doesn't make sense. It's should take you to Gmail. But that's really the only thing I don't like. It's an extremely good recreation.
    2024-07-14 00:49:00
  • avatar
    Bravo good job. can't believe we have the Wii phone before GTA 6.
    2024-07-13 17:11:16