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Latest Version: v1.18.5
Latest update: 2024-07-11 15:28:04
Developer: Credible Behavioral Health
Requirements: Android
Category: Lifestyle
Size: 65.30 MB
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Rating :4.4

Credible Care is the ultimate solution for behavioral health organizations that provide services in the community. Unlike other healthcare software, which is primarily focused on office activities, the app allows you to gather accurate data right at the point of care, with or without an internet connection. It is the perfect companion app for Credible Domain, and it offers a wide range of features specifically designed for community-based treatment. With the app, you can maintain comprehensive client records, manage schedules in real-time, complete clinical visits using interactive forms, and even send and receive employee messages. Take advantage of Credible Care to maximize your Credible software and enhance the quality of care you provide.

Features of Credible Care:

❤ Capture accurate data at the point of care: Credible Care allows users to record data directly during client visits, ensuring that information is accurate and up-to-date. This eliminates the need for manual data entry later on and reduces the risk of errors or oversight.

❤ Community-based treatment focus: Unlike most health care software, which is geared towards office-based activities, the app is specifically designed for community-based treatment. This makes it the perfect companion app for practitioners who work in the field and need access to client records, schedules, and forms on-the-go.

❤ Real-time scheduling updates: The app allows users to view and update schedules for both clients and staff in real-time. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and eliminates the need for constant back-and-forth communication to coordinate appointments and availability.

❤ Offline capabilities: Credible Care can be used even without an internet connection. Users have the ability to add and edit visits while offline, and the app will automatically sync and update the information once a connection is reestablished. This feature is especially beneficial for practitioners who work in remote areas with limited or no internet access.


❤ Is this app compatible with other software or systems?

Yes, this app is designed to work seamlessly with Credible Domain, ensuring a smooth integration of data and functionality. It can also be easily adapted to work with other systems through custom integration.

❤ Can I access detailed client records on the app?

Absolutely. the app enables users to maintain detailed client records, including information such as allergies, medications, and diagnoses. This ensures that all relevant information is easily accessible and updated as needed.

❤ Can I communicate with other staff members through the app?

Yes, the app includes a feature that allows users to send and receive messages with other Credible employees. This facilitates efficient communication within the organization, streamlining collaboration and improving coordination.


Credible Care offers a range of attractive features that cater to the needs of community-based treatment providers. With the ability to capture accurate data at the point of care, real-time scheduling updates, and offline capabilities, this app enhances efficiency and ensures seamless communication between practitioners, staff, and clients. The compatibility with Credible Domain, along with the option for custom integration, further enhances its versatility. By using Credible Care, organizations can maximize the quality of care they provide and improve overall productivity.


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