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Samsung Health APK
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Latest Version: v6.27.0.161
Latest update: 2024-07-11 15:26:05
Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Requirements: Android
Category: Lifestyle
Size: 140.30 MB
Tags: Life Fitness Video
Rating :4.1

Introducing Samsung Health, the ultimate app for managing your health and wellness. With a wide range of features, this app makes it easy to start healthy habits and take control of your overall well-being. From tracking your daily steps and activity time to recording and managing your fitness activities like running, cycling, and swimming, the app keeps you on track towards your goals. It even offers personalized insights and content through its cycle tracking feature for women. Plus, with expert coaches, meditation tools, and the ability to challenge friends and family, staying healthy has never been more fun and interactive. Download it and start your journey towards a healthier you today!

Features of Samsung Health:

> Automatic Recording of Activities: Samsung Health makes it easy to create a healthy lifestyle by automatically recording various activities. Whether it's your daily steps, activity time, or fitness activities like running and swimming, you can effortlessly track your progress.

> Comprehensive Health Monitoring: With this app, you can monitor and manage various health records on the home screen. Keep track of your activity amount, workout intensity, heart rate, stress levels, and even oxygen levels in your blood. This comprehensive monitoring helps you stay on top of your health and work towards maintaining your best condition.

> Sleep Pattern Analysis: Samsung Health, when paired with a Galaxy Watch, allows for detailed monitoring of your sleep patterns. Improve the quality of your sleep by analyzing sleep levels and scores, making your mornings more refreshing.

> Fun and Interactive Challenges: Samsung Health Together feature lets you challenge your friends and family to become healthier in a fun and interactive way. Motivate each other and achieve your fitness goals together.

> Expert Fitness Programs: Access videos of expert coaches who will guide you through new fitness programs, including stretching and weight loss. These programs offer valuable guidance and support on your fitness journey.


> Is this app secure for my private health data?

Yes, this app ensures the secure protection of your private health data. Models released after August > with Knox enabled, will have enhanced security features for the Samsung Health service.

> Are all features available on all devices?

No, tablets and some mobile devices may not be supported, and the availability of detailed features can vary depending on your country of residence, network carrier, and device model.

> Does the app diagnose or treat diseases or conditions?

No, the app is intended for fitness and wellness purposes only and should not be used for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of diseases or other conditions.


Samsung Health is a powerful app that offers a range of attractive features to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. With automatic activity recording, comprehensive health monitoring, sleep pattern analysis, fun challenges, and expert fitness programs, the app caters to various aspects of your well-being. It also ensures the security of your private health data and provides language support for users worldwide. Take control of your health and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle with Samsung Health.


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