Package ID: com.vkontakte.android
Latest Version: v8.86
Latest update: 2024-07-11 13:41:04
Developer: VK.com
Requirements: Android
Category: Communication
Size: 150.90 MB
Tags: Fitness Video Music
Rating :4.0

Introducing VK, the ultimate app that brings people together from all over the globe for seamless communication, endless entertainment, and exciting business opportunities. With this app, you can immerse yourself in a world of unlimited features, whether it's listening to your favorite music, watching captivating videos, or even monitoring your health and wellness journey. Connect with friends and family through group chats, private messages, and free video calls that have no time limits. Explore one of the largest social networks, join online communities, and meet new friends. Stay updated with personalized recommendations, VK Clips, live streams, games, and thematic feeds. Expand your knowledge with podcasts and take part in friendly competitions to stay fit. VK truly caters to every aspect of your digital lifestyle.

Features of VK:

> Unlimited Features for Communication, Entertainment, Business, and News Sharing: VK offers a comprehensive platform where users can not only stay connected with friends and family but also explore a wide array of features for entertainment, business, and news sharing. From listening to music and watching videos to playing games and shopping, the app has it all.

> Connect with Friends and Family: The app provides a messenger that allows users to chat in group chats and private messages with both VK friends and contacts from their phone. Stay in touch with loved ones and bring together an unlimited number of people in video calls, all for free and with no time limits.

> Discover and Connect with New Friends: The app is one of the largest social networks globally, offering users the opportunity to meet new friends and join online communities. Expand your social circle and stay connected with faraway friends using VK's messenger and calls.

> Personalized Music Recommendations: VK's music feature allows users to listen to their favorite songs while also discovering new music through personalized recommendations. Find the perfect soundtrack for every mood and create playlists to suit your taste.

> VK Clips: Create and watch short vertical videos covering various themes with VK Clips. Dive into a world of creativity and express yourself through these engaging and visually appealing videos.

Tips for Users:

> Explore Thematic Feeds: The app offers thematic feeds where you can find interesting news, live streams, pictures, and games related to specific topics. Dive into these feeds to discover new content and engage with like-minded individuals.

> Join Online Communities: Take advantage of VK's vast user base and join online communities that align with your interests. Engaging in discussions and connecting with like-minded individuals can enhance your VK experience.

> Participate in Challenges: The app allows you to compete with friends in fitness challenges, tracking the number of steps you take per day through integration with your device. Stay motivated and have fun while staying active.


With its unlimited features for communication, entertainment, business, and news sharing, the app offers a comprehensive platform that caters to the diverse needs of its users. Stay connected with friends and family through the messenger and video calls, discover new music with personalized recommendations, and watch and create engaging VK Clips. Explore thematic feeds, join online communities, and participate in challenges to maximize your VK experience. Download it now and dive into a world of endless possibilities.


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    I Love the app it's better than Facebook, without the censorship, bullying, propaganda and sponsored adverts, no hate speech or harassment, hate or terrorism, and it's interface is smooth and works great, thank you for a wonderful app
    2024-07-16 22:12:29
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    Errors, bugs. Terms of Service link doesn't even open, Error message pops up. And when you're trying to login it gives you an error that your account had been deactivated for violation of Terms of Service... When you click on the reason - it is blank. Most likely it had been deactivated for inactivity, which is hard to classify as a violation... And, a new addition - they started to require a photo of your passport now... Which might be a good idea to lessen fakes, but not when name is changed
    2024-07-16 10:07:55
  • avatar
    Been here since 2015, have 2 accounts and this platform is literally the worst social site I ever seen so far. Why do you have to make that app worse, instead of better? Firstly it was pretty comfortable and good looking platform to have a chat with your friend, listen to music, enjoy videos, etc. Now we have bugs all over the place, tons of useless for 90% of users buttons that you can't remove and messages which are not sending or sending to others (not who you wanted) Wii you ever be better?
    2024-07-16 09:13:50
  • avatar
    App is not working Every time I want to chnge my pasword or edit my profile it shows not network connection But all other online services or other app are working properly on my device Please solve this issue ⚠️
    2024-07-15 22:09:35
  • avatar
    Not good very useless app I have an account and I can't talk even login to the account because u guys are not sending me code
    2024-07-15 17:19:47
  • avatar
    Bad lagging downloaded video cannot play pliss fix this bug
    2024-07-14 22:23:54