Zing MP3

Zing MP3 APK
Package ID: com.zing.mp3
Latest Version: v23.05
Latest update: 2024-07-10 15:09:04
Developer: Zalo Group
Requirements: Android
Category: Lifestyle
Size: 25.97 MB
Tags: Video Music
Rating :4.2

Introducing the ultimate music app revolutionizing Vietnam's music scene - Zing MP3. With its user-friendly interface, this app provides an immersive musical experience like no other. Enjoy seamless control over your music with convenient widgets and controllers right on your lock screen and notification bar. Customize your sound with various effects, bass adjustment, and balance options. Use your voice to find your favorite tunes effortlessly. Plus, say goodbye to low-quality downloads as it lets you enjoy unlimited 128kbps music with the option to upgrade to 320kbps or lossless for Zing VIP account holders. Manage your songs, playlists, and favorites, all in one stunning app.

Features of Zing MP3:

> Extensive Music Controls: it offers a range of convenient music controls, including widgets and music controllers on the notification bar and lock screen. This allows users to easily control their music playback without having to open the app.

> Enhanced Listening Experience: The app provides various sound effects and settings to enhance the audio quality. Users can adjust the bass, balance, virtualizer, and reverb according to their preferences, ensuring a personalized listening experience.

> Smart Search Feature: it has a smart search feature that supports voice commands in Vietnamese. Users can simply speak the name of the song, album, artist, or playlist they want to listen to, and the app will quickly find and play it.

> Seamless Integration with Website: By turning on the app, users can seamlessly browse and play music when clicking on links from the zingmp>vn website. This integration provides a smooth and uninterrupted music experience.

> High-Quality Videos: In addition to music, it allows users to watch high-quality videos in various resolutions ranging from 240p to 1080p. This feature enhances the overall entertainment experience within the app.

Tips for Users:

> Take Advantage of Music Controls: Make use of the music controls on the notification bar and lock screen for convenient playback control. This eliminates the need to open the app every time you want to skip a song or adjust the volume.

> Explore Sound Effects: Experiment with the sound effects and settings available in it to customize the audio according to your preferences. Adjusting the bass, balance, virtualizer, and reverb can greatly enhance your listening experience.

> Utilize the Smart Search: Instead of manually searching for songs, albums, or artists, use the smart search feature by speaking out the name in Vietnamese. This allows for quicker and more effortless music discovery within the app.


Zing MP3 is a feature-packed music player app that offers a seamless and enjoyable music experience. With its extensive music controls, enhanced audio settings, smart search feature, and seamless integration with the zingmp>vn website, the app provides a convenient and personalized listening experience. Additionally, the ability to watch high-quality videos and download music at different bitrates further adds to its appeal. Whether you're a music enthusiast or simply looking for a user-friendly music player, it is an app worth exploring.


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  • avatar
    Easy and u can get or listen to latest new songs
    2024-07-15 15:42:22
  • avatar
    usually interrupt while listening
    2024-07-14 02:02:00
  • avatar
    Cant play many songs. Why bother adding them though
    2024-07-13 08:39:49
  • avatar
    Android 11 not working notification
    2024-07-13 02:49:03
  • avatar
    Can't play any song. Bad app.
    2024-07-12 16:31:58
  • avatar
    Auto login without user permission.
    2024-07-12 13:02:11