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Package ID: tv.uscreen.thetruthseekers88
Latest Version: v3.18.2
Latest update: 2024-07-10 14:41:04
Developer: The Truth Seekers 88
Requirements: Android
Category: Media & Video
Size: 123.50 MB
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Rating :4.1

Unmask the secrets and discover the hidden truths with the Truth Seekers 88 app, a platform that brings you the latest news and insights on the most critical topics facing our world today. With a subscription, you'll gain unparalleled access to a rapidly expanding library of videos featuring expert commentary and analysis. Real citizens-turned-reporters, like Mike, SheepDawg, Tracy, and Marlin, work tirelessly to deliver honest patriot news, fighting for freedom and uncovering the real stories behind the lies. Join the movement of truth-seekers and enlighten yourself with the undeniable facts. Don't wait any longer – become a member today!

Features of The Truth Seekers 88:

⭐ Uncover the Truth: The app allows you to dig deeper and uncover the truth behind the most pressing issues of our time. With expert commentary and analysis, you can gain a deeper understanding of what's happening in the world.

⭐ Growing Library of Videos: With a subscription, you gain access to a continuously growing library of videos. Stay up to date with the latest information and be informed about the events shaping our world.

⭐ Real Citizen Journalists: The team behind consists of real citizens who are dedicated to delivering honest and patriotic news. Mike, SheepDawg, Tracy, and Marlin are committed to fighting for freedom and spreading the truth, providing a genuine perspective on current events.

⭐ Convenient On-Demand News: You have the freedom to watch the news on-demand. No need to wait for regular broadcast schedules or worry about missing important segments. Enjoy the flexibility of accessing news whenever and wherever you want.

⭐ Expert Commentary and Analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of the news with expert commentary and analysis provided. The app offers unique insights from knowledgeable individuals who provide a well-rounded perspective on the issues that matter most.

Tips for Users:

⭐ Explore the Library: Take full advantage of the growing library of videos. Dive into different topics and explore a range of perspectives for a comprehensive understanding of current events.

⭐ Engage in Discussion: The app encourages users to engage in discussions with other like-minded individuals. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and participate in meaningful conversations to expand your knowledge further.

⭐ Stay Informed: Make it a habit to regularly check for updates. Stay informed about the latest developments, breaking news, and expert opinions to keep up with the rapidly changing world.


The Truth Seekers 88 app offers an immersive and enlightening news experience. Providing access to a growing library of videos with expert commentary and analysis, allows users to uncover the truth behind the most pressing issues. With real citizen journalists delivering honest patriot news, the app provides a unique and genuine perspective on current events. The on-demand convenience and the ability to engage in meaningful discussions further enhance the user experience. Stay informed, gain knowledge, and explore different perspectives with the app. Subscribe now and embark on a journey of discovering the truth.


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