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LandstarOnline Mobile APK
Package ID: com.landstar.landstaronline
Latest Version: v1.0
Latest update: 2024-07-10 14:36:04
Developer: Landstar System Holdings, Inc.
Requirements: Android
Category: Productivity
Size: 0.60 MB
Tags: Date
Rating :4.1

Introducing LandstarOnline Mobile, the must-have app for Landstar BCOs, Agents, and Employees. This app revolutionizes the way you search for and access available loads. With specific and various search criteria, you can easily identify and view load details including stops, accessorials, and revenue breakdown. Our user-controlled Search Favorites feature allows for repetitive and efficient searching, saving you time and effort. Need to locate and contact Landstar Agents? No problem, our app has got you covered. Plus, BCOs can enter freight bill related status updates for seamless communication. With the ability to set load origin search criteria and in-transit locations using your phone's GEO locator, finding the perfect load has never been simpler. Just remember to stay safe and avoid using the app while driving. Upgrade your trucking experience with LandstarOnline Mobile today!

Features of LandstarOnline Mobile:

- Landstar Available Loads: Easily identify available loads using specific search criteria, making it convenient to find the right loads for your needs.

- Comprehensive Load Details: View complete load details including stops, accessorials, and revenue breakdown, allowing you to have all the necessary information in one place.

- User-Controlled Search Favorites: Save your frequently searched loads as favorites for efficient and repetitive searching, saving you time and effort.

- Contact Landstar Agents: Quickly locate and contact Landstar Agents for any assistance or queries related to your loads, ensuring smooth communication throughout the process.

- Freight Bill Updates: BCOs can enter freight bill related status updates, such as in-transit updates, arrival/departure at location, start/stop loading, start/stop unloading, and delivery, allowing for easy tracking and real-time updates.

- Location-based Search Criteria: Dynamically set load origin search criteria and in-transit location to your current location using your phone’s GEO locator, making it effortless to find loads near you.


With the LandstarOnline Mobile App, you can easily find and manage available loads that meet your specific criteria. The app provides comprehensive load details, user-controlled search favorites, and convenient access to Landstar Agents for any support you may need. BCOs can also update freight bill statuses for efficient tracking. Moreover, the app's location-based search criteria allows for seamless load searching based on your current location. Download the LandstarOnline Mobile App now and experience a hassle-free load finding and management process. Remember to always prioritize safety and refrain from using the app while operating your vehicle.


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