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Belorussian Bible + Full Audio

Belorussian Bible + Full Audio APK
Package ID: belarusian.belarusian
Latest Version: v1.0.14
Latest update: 2024-07-10 14:07:05
Developer: Beblia
Requirements: Android
Category: Productivity
Size: 13.50 MB
Tags: Social Study Read
Rating :4.2

Experience the power of the Belorussian Bible + Full Audio! This incredible app allows you to delve into the depths of the Holy Bible in Belarus, with the bonus of a full audio feature for those who prefer to listen. Easily share your favourite verses with friends and family through email, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Take notes, add bookmarks, and highlight meaningful passages for future reference. Customize your reading experience by changing verse colours, font size, and even adding your background image or colour. Dive into the Word of God and let the Belorussian Bible App transform your spiritual journey.

Features of Belorussian Bible + Full Audio:

Listen to audio Bible: With this app, users can listen to the Holy Bible being read aloud in Belarusian. This feature makes it easier for users to engage with the Bible, especially for those who prefer audio content or have difficulty reading.

Versatile sharing options: Users can easily share their favourite verses or passages via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. This allows them to spread the message of the Bible and inspire others with meaningful scripture.

Convenient verse and chapter copying: Whether you need to copy a single verse or an entire chapter, this app provides the functionality to easily copy and paste the desired text. This is particularly useful for those who want to save verses for reference or share them with others.

Powerful search function: With the search feature, users can quickly find specific verses or passages within the Bible. This saves them time and effort compared to manually flipping through pages, making it easier to find relevant scripture for personal study or discussions.

Personalized reading experience: The app allows users to customize various aspects of their reading experience. They can change the verse colour, padding, indent, spacing, font size, font family, and opacity. Additionally, users have the option to add their background image or choose a background colour that suits their preferences.


Is the audio Bible available for every chapter and verse?

Yes, the audio Bible feature covers the entire Belarusian Bible, allowing users to listen to any chapter or verse they choose.

Can I share verses directly from the app to multiple platforms simultaneously?

Yes, this app allows you to share verses via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms all within the app, making sharing quick and convenient.

Can I organize my bookmarks and notes?

You can easily add bookmarks to save your favourite verses or passages. Additionally, you can add personal notes to any verse or chapter for future reference or reflection.


Belorussian Bible + Full Audio provides a comprehensive and user-friendly way for individuals to engage with the Holy Bible in Belarusian. From listening to the audio Bible to sharing verses with friends and customizing the reading experience, this app offers a range of attractive features. Whether you're a dedicated Bible reader or simply interested in exploring religious texts, this app allows you to easily access, navigate, and personalize your Bible experience. Download today and embark on a spiritual journey like never before.


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