Mycam APK
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Latest Version: v4.10.23
Latest update: 2024-07-10 13:43:04
Developer: hsmartlink
Requirements: Android
Category: Lifestyle
Size: 48.30 MB
Tags: Office Video
Rating :4.0

Mycam is the ultimate door companion - a fantastic mobile app designed to work seamlessly with a wifi battery doorbell. With its cutting-edge P2P technology, connecting your battery doorbell to your smartphone has never been easier. Whether you're at home or miles away, as long as you're connected to the internet, you'll always be in the know about friends, relatives, and even unexpected visitors. This app is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to feel more secure and in control of their front door. Don't miss out on this innovative door helper - get it today!

Features of Mycam:

> Convenient P2P Connection: it utilizes P2P technology to establish a seamless and hassle-free connection with the wifi battery doorbell. This ensures a quick and convenient setup process, allowing users to start monitoring their doorbell in no time.

> Real-Time Notification: You can always stay in the loop. Whenever someone rings your doorbell, or when friends, relatives, or visitors arrive at your doorstep, you will receive instant notifications on your mobile phone. This means you can always be aware of who is at your door, regardless of your location.

> Remote Access Anytime: Thanks to its integration with the Internet, it enables you to access your doorbell remotely from anywhere. Whether you're in the office, running errands, or on vacation, you can effortlessly check the live feed from your doorbell using your mobile phone. This provides peace of mind and ensures that you never miss an important visitor or delivery.

Tips for Users:

> Customize Alert Settings: Take advantage of its customizable alert settings to personalize your monitoring experience. Adjust the sensitivity levels of the motion detection feature to avoid unnecessary notifications, or set specific timeframes for when you want to receive alerts. This way, you can tailor the app to suit your needs.

> Two-Way Communication: it not only allows you to view the video feed from your doorbell but also enables two-way communication. When someone is at the door, you can have a conversation with them directly through the app. This feature is particularly useful when receiving packages, directing guests, or screening unwanted visitors.

> Cloud Storage and Playback: Make the most out of its cloud storage capabilities. By subscribing to a cloud storage plan, you can securely store recorded videos and access them later on. This comes in handy when you need to review footage, save evidence, or check missed alerts.


Mycam is a must-have app for anyone with a wifi battery doorbell. Its convenient P2P connection, real-time notifications, and remote access features make it a reliable and practical tool for monitoring your front door. By customizing alert settings and utilizing the two-way communication feature, you can enhance your doorbell experience. Additionally, the cloud storage option ensures that important moments are never lost. Don't miss out on the convenience and peace of mind that Mycam brings - download it now and transform your doorbell into a powerful security tool.


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