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Package ID: com.hybrid.hitz92fm
Latest Version: v1.0
Latest update: 2024-07-09 16:41:04
Developer: Multimedia Jamaica Ltd
Requirements: Android
Category: Other
Size: 8.50 MB
Tags: Music Date
Rating :4.5

HITZ 92FM is the perfect fusion of two beloved Jamaican pastimes - reggae and sports. As the slogan says, "This is reggae...This is sports." Our mission is simple - to provide Jamaicans with a radio station tailored just for them. Whether it's hardcore dancehall beats or soothing rhythms, or exclusive and thrilling sports event coverage, HITZ 92FM pulses with the black, green, and gold heartbeat of Jamaica...this station is truly Jamaican. And not only that, it is also the best in sports broadcasting. From the latest sports shows to exclusive coverage of the West Indies' home and away tours, athletics, slam dunk basketball, the National Premier League, and of course, reggae boys.

Features of HITZ 92FM:

* Fusion of Reggae and Sports: The app seamlessly combines the two most popular leisure activities in Jamaica - reggae music and sports. It offers a unique blend of entertainment for the Jamaican people.

* Tailored Radio Station: The mission of the app is to provide a radio station specifically designed for the people of Jamaica. Whether they prefer hardcore dancehall beats or soothing reggae rhythms, this station caters to their diverse musical tastes.

* Exclusive Sports Coverage: Along with its music programming, the app delivers the best sports coverage on the airwaves. It features the latest sports shows, exclusive reports on West Indies tours, athletics, unscripted basketball leagues, the National Premier League, and of course, reggae boyz.

* Unmatched Jamaican Vibe: The app is a truly Jamaican radio station that resonates with the pulsating colors of black, green, and gold. It captures the essence of the Jamaican culture and showcases local talent, music, and sports.

Tips for Users:

* Explore Different Genres: Take advantage of HITZ 92 FM's diverse selection of reggae music. Discover new artists and sub-genres within reggae, from dancehall to roots reggae.

* Stay Informed with Sports Updates: Stay tuned to the sports programs on the app to get the latest updates on local and international sporting events. Don't miss out on the exclusive reports and insights.

* Engage with the Local Community: Connect with fellow listeners by participating in contests, promotions, and events organized by the app. Join discussions online and attend live broadcasts or concerts to enhance your experience.

* Create Playlists and Favorites: Take advantage of the app features to create personalized playlists and save your favorite songs and sports shows. This allows you to easily access and enjoy your preferred content.


HITZ 92FM is a one-of-a-kind radio app that brings together the best of reggae music and sports in Jamaica. With its tailored programming, exclusive sports coverage, and vibrant Jamaican vibe, it offers an immersive experience for all listeners. Whether you're a die-hard reggae fan or a sports enthusiast, this app caters to your interests and provides a platform to stay connected with the local community. Download now and tune into the captivating world of reggae and sports in Jamaica.


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