ETA Mobile

ETA Mobile APK
Package ID: com.en2grate.etamobile
Latest Version: v1.6.6
Latest update: 2024-07-08 14:08:03
Developer: En2Grate, Inc.
Requirements: Android
Category: Productivity
Size: 3.30 MB
Tags: Date
Rating :4.0

ETA Mobile is a groundbreaking GPS app that enables organizations to easily monitor and track the whereabouts of their personnel at an affordable price. Designed as a robust business intelligence evaluation tool, this app offers unparalleled assistance in managing asset allocation and location. With a convenient monthly subscription to En2Grate Tracking Assistant, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency and make informed decisions to drive their success. This cost-effective solution provides accurate and real-time information, empowering organizations to optimize their resources and improve overall business acumen.

Features of ETA Mobile:

Real-time GPS tracking: This app allows organizations to track the location of their personnel in real-time, providing a reliable and accurate update on their whereabouts.

Cost-effective solution: Designed to be a cost-effective mobile GPS application, ETA offers organizations the ability to efficiently track their personnel's location at a low cost. This ensures that businesses can effectively manage their assets without breaking the bank.

Business intelligence evaluation tool: ETA is specifically constructed as a business intelligence evaluation tool, providing organizations with valuable insights into asset allocation and location management. This enables businesses to make informed decisions and improve their overall business acumen.

Efficient personnel management: With ETA, organizations can easily manage their personnel by tracking their location. This feature allows for efficient deployment and allocation of resources, ensuring that businesses operate smoothly and effectively.

Monthly subscription model: To access the full range of features and benefits offered by ETA, users will need to subscribe to the En2Grate Tracking Assistant enterprise application. This monthly subscription ensures that users have access to the latest updates and improvements of the app.

User-friendly interface: ETA offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for organizations to navigate and utilize the app's features. Even those with limited technical knowledge can quickly adapt to the app and make the most out of its functionalities.


ETA Mobile is an essential app for businesses looking to efficiently track the location of their personnel and improve their overall business acumen. With its real-time GPS tracking, cost-effective solution, business intelligence evaluation tool, efficient personnel management, monthly subscription model, and user-friendly interface, ETA offers organizations the ability to effectively manage their assets and optimize their operations. Click here to download it and start maximizing your business efficiency today.


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