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Galaxy VPN - Free VPN Unlimited time & traffic

Galaxy VPN - Free VPN Unlimited time & traffic APK
Package ID:
Latest Version: v2.3.7
Latest update: 2024-07-05 15:25:03
Developer: GalaxyLab
Requirements: Android
Category: Tools
Size: 34.00 MB
Tags: Video Date VPN
Rating :4.1

Introducing Galaxy VPN - Free VPN Unlimited time & traffic - the ultimate solution to all your network speed woes. Are you tired of slow webpage loading times and endlessly buffering videos? Look no further, because Galaxy VPN is here to accelerate your network for free! Say goodbye to sluggish file downloads and constantly buffered videos. With it, your network messages will be delivered in real-time and you can even change your IP for added security. Rest assured, all your data will be strictly encrypted, ensuring your privacy. Best of all, there are no limits on usage time and traffic. Simply select a node to connect and experience the speed and security you deserve.

Features of Galaxy VPN - Free VPN Unlimited time & traffic:

❤ Free and unlimited VPN: This app allows you to access VPN services for free and without any limitations on time and traffic.

❤ Instant connection: With just a click, this app opens within seconds, connecting you to the VPN service without any delay.

❤ Enhance network speed: If you are experiencing slow internet speeds, this app can accelerate your network, ensuring faster file downloads and eliminating buffering issues while streaming videos.

❤ Timely network messages: This app ensures that you receive network messages in a timely manner, keeping you updated on any important information.

❤ IP address changer: Change your IP address easily with this app, providing you with increased anonymity and privacy.

❤ Secure and encrypted data: Your data is strictly encrypted, ensuring that your internet activities and personal information remain safe and protected.


Galaxy VPN - Free VPN Unlimited time & traffic app offers a range of convenient features to enhance your internet experience. With its unlimited and free VPN service, you can enjoy faster network speeds, avoid buffering while streaming videos, receive timely network messages, and even change your IP address. Moreover, the app ensures the security and privacy of your data through strict encryption. Download now and enjoy a seamless and secure internet browsing experience.


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  • avatar
    the best Android phone VPN I used so far . many blocked apps started working again. so smooth and unobtrusive (and fast) you'll forget it's in. over & over again.
    2024-07-09 16:12:31
  • avatar
    Works well but whats annoying is the background music playing sometimes and no way to shut it off. Doesnt always happen but annoying enough for 3stars
    2024-07-09 13:59:18
  • avatar
    This is the best one available of all of the s***** free ones because for $0.99 it becomes a super powered workhorse. Do not make a mistake and not download this
    2024-07-08 18:02:13
  • avatar
    One of the best VPN's I've used in a long time it dose what it says and it very easy to use just Connect and Surf away it actually changes your Ip.
    2024-07-08 16:57:13
  • avatar
    Disgusting. this VPN not work properly. When I was connecting this VPN in few seconds it will automatically disconnect
    2024-07-07 06:48:19
  • avatar
    Had intermittent connect/disconnect issues. Excellent app, especially one which outperforms many competitors!
    2024-07-07 01:51:23