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Marco Polo V3 | Phone Finder

Marco Polo V3 | Phone Finder APK
Package ID: com.marcopolo
Latest Version: vv.3.0.9
Latest update: 2024-07-05 14:45:05
Developer: Drop-In
Requirements: Android
Category: Tools
Size: 22.50 MB
Tags: Life Date
Rating :4.1

Introducing Marco Polo V3 | Phone Finder, the ultimate phone finder app that will save you from the panic of losing your device. It doesn't matter if it's buried under a mountain of laundry or tucked away in the depths of your couch, Marco Polo will come to your rescue. With just a simple shout of "MARCO!" your phone or tablet will reply with a confident "POLO!" It's like a real-life game of hide and seek, but without the stress and tears. Plus, you have the power to customize the response - whether it's a speech, a recording, or even your favorite MP3. It works seamlessly even if your device is on silent or sleeping (on certain devices). Worried about battery life? No problem, you can set a time range for when the app should listen to conserve battery. Need a boost in sound? Marco Polo has got your back with volume boost feature. You can easily pause or stop the app with a single tap from the notification center. And the best part? Marco Polo works on all Android 4.0+ devices and is super lightweight. It's been recognized as the #1 Utility App in 54 countries and the #1 Top App Overall in 21 countries. Featured on prestigious platforms like Gizmodo, CNET, Popular Science, Business Insider, and more, this app has won the hearts of millions around the globe. While we are constantly working on making Marco Polo compatible with all devices, we apologize if it's not compatible with yours yet. We kindly request you to not give us a 1-star rating but instead be patient and watch for future updates. Remember, we have ads to fund improvements so we can support your device better. So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to the stress of lost devices and let Marco Polo be your ultimate companion in finding them.

Features of Marco Polo V3 | Phone Finder:

⭐ Easy to Use: Marco Polo is a simple and intuitive app that makes finding your lost phone or tablet a breeze. With just a shout of "MARCO!" your device will reply with "POLO!" making it easy to locate even if it's hidden or on silent.

⭐ Customizable Features: This app allows you to set your own trigger word and customize the response. Whether you prefer speech, a recording, or an MP⭐ you have the freedom to personalize how your device responds when you call out to it.

⭐ Works in All Situations: Marco Polo works even if your device is on silent or sleeping, making it reliable in any scenario. You can also set a time range for the app to listen, saving battery life without compromising on functionality.

⭐ Additional Features: In addition to its primary function of finding your device, Marco Polo offers other convenient features. These include push notification alerts, volume boost options, and the ability to quickly pause or stop the app from the notification center.


⭐ Is Marco Polo compatible with all devices?

Marco Polo works on all Android ⭐ 0+ devices. However, please note that there may be some devices that take up to 5 minutes to respond the first time. The development team is actively working with Google to address this issue.

⭐ What should I do if my device gets false alarms?

If you experience false alarms, you can try using a longer trigger word like "MACARONI AND CHEESE" or adjust the sensitivity settings. These adjustments should help reduce any potential false alarms.

⭐ Will Marco Polo work if my device is far away or at a different angle?

While Marco Polo is designed to work on all devices, there may be some cases where certain devices filter out sounds from different angles and may not work as well from a distance. It's recommended to test the app in different scenarios to ensure optimal performance.


Marco Polo V3 | Phone Finder is the ultimate solution for anyone who has ever struggled to find their lost phone or tablet. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable features, this app sets itself apart from the competition. Its ability to work in all situations, including when the device is on silent or sleeping, makes it a reliable choice for users. Additionally, the app offers several extra features that enhance its functionality. While there may be some limitations with certain devices, the development team is actively working to address these issues and ensure compatibility with all devices. Don't waste any more time searching for your lost device - download Marco Polo V3 | Phone Finder today and never worry about losing it again.


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